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Jeorjia Shea is a self taught artist, designer and founder of Quirkshop Peekskill. Her journey began in countless craft shows, markets and art fairs. She quickly discovered a passion for connecting face to face with her clientel and the camaraderie with other artists. This passion coupled with a fierce desire to create art to wear ultimately led to her pursuing her dream of opening Quirkshop. 

Jeorjia can be found cutting and serging happily in her store, surrounded by the inspiring the work of other talented artists and makers. While she is known for her line of up-cycled cashmere, Jeorjia also works in recycled cotton and other natural fibers and creates unique hand painted clothing and sometimes even paints on canvas or other found objects. She finds that working with recycled materials keeps the process challenging and spontaneous. 

Explore her exclusive latest collection, Ransomwear, one-of-a-kind poetry/statement shirts made from all up-cycled t-shirts. Also find her unique collaboration with Ani Difranco's Righteous Babe Records. A line of one repurposed Merch made into new garments. 

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